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My Top 10 All Time Favorite Guinea Pig Toys!

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You finally found a perfect guinea pig cage or maybe made it yourself, so, what’s next? Now it’s time to think how to organize the cage for the happy piggy living. Whilst organization is the key, toys play a vital role in the entertainment of your piggy. Also, having a variety of toys is important for the well-being and healthy lifestyle of your pet. Today I am going to give you an overview of my top 10 favorite guinea pig toys and I hope you will find it useful.

Okay, lets get started!

Hideout Toys

guinea pig toys

Hideout toys, usually plastic igloo or wooden house are important to include into your cage for your piggy to hide in it. Why? This is because guinea pigs have to feel safe, secure and protected. Sometimes they might feel scared and need to have a place where they can hide. I am not a massive fan of the plastic igloos and plastic houses. Piggies might chew on these and plastic is definitely not the best option. I think its much better to get a natural grass hut toy or a wooden house.

guinea pig toysChew Toys

As you probably already know guinea pig’s teeth are constantly growing. To maintain them to the optimal size piggies are chewing on different objects. This wears the teeth down. That’s why you have to provide them with veggies. However, this is not enough and your pet can start chewing on the cage bars. This is not a solution because metal bars can damage the teeth. So, make sure to get some chew toys for your piggy. I like this Kaytee chews toy which you can simply hang in the cage and watch your piggy play with it for hours! The bright colors of the pieces will definitely drag the attention of your pet.

guinea pig toysAlso, I like to have apple chew sticks around the cage. These are made of the organic apple branches which are absolutely safe for your your piggy to chew and nibble. The pack contains 60-70 branches which is going to last for a long time. I love this product because it keeps piggies distracted from chewing on other materials like plastic water bottles and cage bars. However, if after you have provided your pet with the toys to chew on and piggy still does it there might be different reasons for that. It’s a very common behavior and I am talking in more details about chewing on the cage bars in this article.

guinea pig toys

Feeding Toys

This is something that I came across recently. Have you noticed that your piggy is bored of the feeding bowl? Or it’s so entertaining for it to flip the bowl over? I think I found a solution for you. Try to switch the things up a little bit. Instead of using a boring bowl get an apple wood feeder which you can hang in the cage. Feel it up with hay and treats which will be poking out of the holes.

Exercise Toys

guinea pig toysIt is very important for guinea pigs to get a daily dose of exercises to stay healthy. Similar to humans obesity in guinea pigs is a dangerous problem. To avoid it take you need to organize some sort of the playground inside of the cage. There are a variety of the toys which can keep your precious pet active. I am going to share with you my favorite exercise guinea pig toys. guinea pig toysI love this grass ball because its 100% natural and hand made. It is also safe if your piggy decides to chew on it. This toy is very close to the natural guinea pig habitat and stimulates your pet to push and knock it around.

My second pick is a grass tunnel. Again , it’s 100% natural and safe for piggy to chew on. Also, this tunnel can serve as a hideout if your piggy got scared. Tunnels are perfect for guinea pigs because they satisfy their natural instinct to burrow. Watch your piggy running around, through and over it!

guinea pig toysA nice addition to a playground with ball and tunnel would be a wooden bridge. As always guys I only recommend all natural products to keep piggies away from chewing on plastic and glue. Moreover, wood is safe for fragile guinea pig’s feet which can be easily cut. Climbing is a perfect way for your piggy to burn some extra calories. Also, if you have a two-tiered cage you can use it as a ramp. Stay away from the wired ladders as these can easily damage guinea pig’s feet. This wooden bridge is perfect to use as a staircase for your piggy to exit and enter the cage.

Running Wheels

Remember that running wheels are NOT suitable for guinea pigs!

I feel so frustrated when I see some major pet shops advertising running wheels for guinea pigs. These are actually very dangerous. This is due to the anatomy of the guinea pig’s back. It is not meant to be bend backwards. This is exactly what happens when piggy is running in the wheel. The worst outcome is the permanent damage to the piggy’s back.

guinea pig toysRelaxing Toy

After your piggy have done tons of playing and exercising it needs a place to relax. Rather than just laying on the bedding organize a comfort zone for your pet. I found this amazing swing hut and it looks gorgeous. It comes with the hooks, so you can simply hang it anywhere in your cage. The cotton hut is designed to keep your guinea pig warm during the cold winter months. You can even transfer the swing into a hideout place. Simply take off the chains and turn the hut upside down. Your piggy can enter through a side hole. Also, place it with the open top up and it turns out to be a stunning habitat bed. Without extra expenses you can make a perfect place for your piggy to snuggle and rest. In the product’s specifications it doesn’t say that the item is machine washable, so I wouldn’t risk it.

guinea pig toys

Interactive Toy

I am a huge fan of the interactive toys and I think that piggies love them too! For example, I found this one and it instantly caught my attention. It’s a chew and scratch toy which comes as a patch with carrots. The goal for your piggy is to remove the carrot from the grass and corn leaf field. This will definitely keep your pet entertained for hours! However, some of the buyers have mentioned that a toy was covered in glue, so I hope this issue was resolved by a manufacturer.

guinea pig toys3 in 1 Toy

If you don’t want to spend a lot of cash on the different toys a 3 in 1 toy is a good option. An Ecotrition sank shack house combines a hideout, chew toy and is edible. Made of the fresh alfalfa and and golden honey it is certainly a favorite of many piggies. And the design of the construction is just fabulous. The item is available in a large size as well.

I hope you found this guide helpful and please let me know what are your favorite toys!

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