guinea pig is not drinking

Why My Guinea Pig Is Not Drinking?

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If you have noticed that your guinea pig is not drinking water, then your pet is probably getting the daily water intake from the fruits and vegetables. Moreover, as guinea pigs age, they start drinking less.

Also, guinea pig might not be drinking because the water is not dispensing from the water bottle properly. Lastly, the inadequate water intake along with the general sickness maybe a sign of the health problems.

How much should guinea pigs drink?

The water intake depends on the size of the piggy, how active your pet is, on its diet and the outside temperature. Therefore, you need to keep the water bottle full and clean to allow for the constant supply. On average, guinea pig needs about 100 ml of fresh water every day.

In the summer when temperature goes up, guinea pigs tend to drink more. Alternatively, in the winter when it is colder – piggies drink less.

If you feed your guinea pig a diet consisting mainly of the water based food, then your pet is going to drink less.

How do I know if my guinea pig is drinking water?

Sometimes you can actually see your guinea pig drinking. However, many owners report that if the guinea pig is shy, it will only drink when you are not looking. Occasionally, you can notice bubbles floating to the top of the bottle when guinea pig is drinking from the bottle.

Avoid topping up the water bottle so you can actually see how much your pet has drunk. If your guinea pig is urinating frequently and the color of urine hasn’t changed, then your pet is getting an adequate amount of water.

How to make a guinea pig drink from a water bottle?

Like other animals, guinea pigs should always have clean and fresh water to drink. Try using two water bottles in two different corners of the cage. Also, refresh the water every day and don’t just top it up until it’s full.

Clean the water bottle regularly. Algae can easily grow on a wet bottle which is exposed to a direct sunlight.

How to encourage a guinea pig to drink?

First of all, you should be using a water bottle instead of the bowl. It is not hygienic because the water in the bowl can rapidly become contaminated with urine or feces. However, plastic bottles degrade over time, so you need to replace them yearly.

Fill the water bottle with the tap water from the kitchen sink and not the garden water tank to avoid contamination. Give your pet cold water straight from the tap and don’t chill it.

Why is my guinea pig drinking so much?

Don’t ignore the fact that your pet suddenly started drinking more water. Monitor the behavior of your pet and take a look at the surrounding. That way you can figure out the reason for being so thirsty.

First, check if the cage is not located in the hottest area of the house. Increase of temperature can influence the thirst in guinea pigs. It is also common in the summer. So, you have to make sure that a guinea pig is not getting overheated. Also, a cage should never be under the direct sunlight.

Health problems in guinea pigs

Excessive drinking should not be ignored as it can be an important sign of illness. For instance, if you have noticed that apart from drinking more water your pet is loosing weight but is eating more, it can be a sign that your guinea pig is suffering from diabetes.

Moreover, a guinea pig who is drinking too much water can be suffering from kidney failure. It occurs when kidneys lose the ability to excrete the waste products from blood. Take your pet to the vet if your guinea pig urinates frequently, keeps losing weight, is feeling lethargic and is vomiting.

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