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Super Easy and Cheap DIY Guinea Pig Cage

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The guinea pig’s cage should represent the comfortable and nice habitat for a piggy. DO NOT keep your guinea pig in aquarium! This is due to the high levels of moisture and poor air circulation. Of course, you can invest into a good cage, however, I will share a very easy and cheap DIY guinea pig cage project. So, if you are crafty and are a DIY guru stay tuned!

The size of the cage

The size of the cage matters! I would say that the optimal dimensions for a cage with one guinea pig are 40×60 cm which is 16 to 24 inches. However, if you are planing to have two pet the minimum dimensions should be 50×80 cm or 20×32 inches.

The base for the cage

For the base you can either use an old cat litter tray or make it yourself from the corrugated paper board. The ideal height should be at least 12 to 15 centimeters (5-6 inches). It keeps your pet away from the winds and prevents the hay from getting everywhere in the room. To make it easier for cleaning make the corrugated paper board base and put the litter tray on top. This will be easy to take out and clean without disturbing your pet. Moreover, you can separate the cage into two sections: one for playing and another for resting.

Which materials to use?

Avoid using hard metal wire lattice for the side and the bottom of the cage. This is because the sharp edges can hurt your pet. Choose a playpen with narrow gaps between the grids and at least 9 panels to adjust the size of the cage.

Cheap DIY Guinea Pig Cage Project

For this project you will need:

Let’s try to make the cage as big as possible. Plenty of space is crucial for piggies for three reasons. First, they can exercise and play. Second, it will be less messy, therefore easier for you to clean. And lastly, if you have two piggies they won’t fight because of the space.

DIY guinea pig cage

DIY guinea pig cageDraw the outline with a sharpie on the corrugated board. This is a perfect material for DIY projects because its multilayered. So, when you cut the top layer only it bends very well. In this scheme you can see that you need to cut only the top layer where the red lines are. The black lines you need to cut completely.

Now, you can assemble the base. Secure the poking corners with the pieces of scotch tape.

cheap diy guinea pig cageYou should get a rectangular box with the 6″ tall sides. Now you need to wrap in into the playpen panels. This depends on the size of the cage you decided to make. Tie the panels together with the plastic cable zip ties without leaving any empty spaces. This is very important not to leave any sharp corners, so your piggy doesn’t injure itself!

You should get something looking very similar to this:

cheap diy guinea pig cage

Now, you can set up a litter tray if you want to. Remember, you can make two floors with a rump to connect them. The overall cost of this project bearing in mind that you are going to get only corrugated board, playpen and plastic zip ties is around 32$. This is pretty much the same as buying an assembled cage. However, you can always adjust a DIY cage to the needs of your piggy and make it bigger. Don’t forget that organization of the cage is crucial for a healthy habitat.


I hope that you found this article useful. If so, please let me know in the comments and share your DIY guinea pig cage projects!

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